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What is Tower Guard?

Tower Guard is a second-year student organization dedicated to serving the Resource Center for Persons with Disabilities (RCPD) at Michigan State University. Tower Guard collaborates with the RCPD to help scribe for exams, create more accessible textbooks, hold one-on-one tutoring, and build a more inclusive environment for all Spartans.


Each year, the top academic achievers of the first-year class are invited to apply to this prestigious group. After a thorough interview process, approximately 80 applicants are selected for membership. They are chosen based on exemplifying leadership qualities, unwavering scholarship, outstanding character, and a commitment to service. Tower Guard alumni go on to become the highest achieving Spartans in not only Michigan and the United States, but across the globe.

Tower Guard was founded in 1934 by May Shaw, the wife of former MSU president Robert Shaw. She founded the then all female honor society as a service oriented organization which would help to serve the needs of visually impaired students at Michigan State University. In 1977, membership was opened to the outstanding male students on campus in addition to the female students. Each year, approximately 80 members carry on the tradition of academic excellence, leadership, outstanding character, and commitment to service.







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The end-of-year video for the 2023-2024 Tower Guard Class

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