Executive Board:

MacKenzie Desloover



Major: Pre-Nursing

Hi guys, my name is MacKenzie! I am a sophomore from Yale, Michigan with a major in Pre-Nursing and a minor in Health Promotion. After I obtain my Bachelors in Nursing, I plan to continue on to become a Doctor of Nursing Practice and, hopefully, work in pediatrics or family practice some day!  When I am not busy volunteering or studying, my favorite thing to do on campus is to cheer on our Spartans in the IZZONE and football student sections. As a freshman, I decided to apply for membership in Tower Guard after I discovered all of the opportunities that would be available for me to help other people. I think Tower Guard is especially important for providing an inclusive community here at MSU. A community in which all students not only have access to the tools they need to be successful academically but one in which every student has a sense of belonging as a Spartan. I am incredibly honored to serve as this year's President, and I can't wait to see all that our members accomplish this year!

Fay Hargrove

Vice President


Major: Human Biology

Hi everyone! I am a sophomore from Saline, Michigan pursuing a major in Human Biology and a minor in Health Promotion. After I graduate from MSU, I plan to attend medical school with the hopes of becoming a surgeon. Becoming a doctor and helping others is what I hope to be my way of making an impact in the world. I first applied to Tower Guard because I knew that it was an organization that I could really dive into and fall in love with. I have worked with persons with disabilities in the past, so I wanted to put my experience to use through the RCPD. I love the fact that Tower Guard is a student organization that is designed to help other students at MSU. We are a group of Spartans with the mission to help our fellow Spartans. I am honored to be elected as Vice President. Being in a position of leadership in Tower guard will allow me to expand the impact that I make on our campus. I’m so excited to get involved in all of our events and fundraisers! In my free time, I love to spend time with friends and play the piano!


Maddy Niblock



Major: Human Biology

My name is Maddy Niblock and I am a human biology major with a bioethics minor in Lyman Briggs and Honors Colleges. After undergrad, I plan on attending medical school to become a pediatrician. I am from Howell, MI, which is about 35 minutes from campus. When I was first invited to apply to Tower Guard, I was not very familiar with the program. However, after talking to several members, I realized how special the student organization truly is. Tower Guard is a group of like-minded individuals motivated to help the RCPD. On a campus as large as MSU, it is often difficult to find student similar to myself. However, I believe that Tower Guard presents a unique opportunity to make lasting connections with like minded individuals, while still making an impact on the RCPD. I am also very involved on campus. I am the president of Spartan Bedside DJ Club where we play music on a Bluetooth speaker for patients at Sparrow Hospital. I am also in the Spartan Marching Band Big Ten Flag Corps. In addition, I work in a biochemistry lab researching retinoblastoma. In my free time, I enjoying playing my flute, piano, and ukulele!

Amanda Kommor



Major: Accounting 


I am a sophomore from Rochester, Michigan planning to major in accounting with a minor in computer science. I hope to then continue my education and obtain my CPA after graduate school. With this degree I hope to make a meaningful impact in the computerization of accounting processes. I applied to Tower Guard because I value the commitment to community service and helping others around me. I have always surrounded myself with volunteer work and was excited to find a group just as passionate as I am. It is an amazing feeling to be surrounded by such an intelligent and motivated group of individuals. To me, Tower Guard represents a group of outstanding students and staff that can come together and make a difference in the community. When I’m not volunteering with Tower Guard, I love going to concerts, watching scary movies, and reading mystery novels. I am also a passionate Spartan football fan. Go Green!

Lindsey Sullivan

Public Relations / Webmaster


Major: Political Science - PreLaw 


Hey everyone! My name is Lindsey Sullivan, and I'm a sophomore from Savannah, Georgia. I am majoring in Political Science with a focus in PreLaw. I hope to go on to law school to become a Judge Advocate General in the United States Air Force. Currently I am an AFROTC cadet here at Michigan State. I applied to Tower Guard because it is a prestigious program focused on giving back to our community. I love the genuineness of our mission and how we uniquely contribute to the RCPD. An interesting fact about me is that I have lived in six different states in my lifetime. I was born in Florida, moved to Kentucky, then Michigan, then California, then Georgia, then back here to Michigan for college. (My dad is in the Army.) Of all the places I've lived, I consider Kentucky to be my favorite! Go Green!

Katie Albus

Sergeant at Arms


Major: Computer Engineering 


I am currently a sophomore from Livonia, Michigan studying Computer Engineering.  I hope to one day become a professor, so following my undergraduate degree, I plan on continuing in school to get a PhD.  I applied to Tower Guard because the values of creating equal opportunities for all people align strongly with my goals for the future where I hope to research digital screens to make them more accessible for people with visual impairments.  This organization is an amazing way to find peers who hold the same ideals and want to help create an inclusive environment for all students.  I love how impactful this team is on the lives of Spartans, present and future, and am excited to leave my mark in Tower Guard’s legacy as this year’s Sergeant at Arms.  Outside of this, I am a research assistant in the iProbe lab and a member of the Society of Women Engineers.  I also love being a part of the student sections for MSU football, basketball, and hockey games.  

Maddie Sewick

Fundraising Chair


Major: Neuroscience

Hello, all! I am a sophomore from Muskegon, MI. I am a Neuroscience major in Lyman Briggs with a minor in Pharmacology & Toxicology. I am hope to use this degree to attain a Ph.D. in Cancer Pharmacology, where I will develop chemotherapeutics. I applied to Tower Guard because I wanted to work with like-minded individuals and have the opportunity to meet new people registered with the RCPD. Tower Guard for me represents the best students at MSU working toward creating positive change in the city of East Lansing. Outside of Tower Guard, you can find me organizing more fundraisers for the MSU Neuroscience Club, working in the Liby Lab as a Research Assistant, or drinking coffee. A fun fact about me is that I am named after a President – James Madison.

Jai Park

Social Chair


Major: Mathematics

I am from Seoul, South Korea! I am a mathematics major! I wish to pursue math all the way to graduate school, and either try for Artificial Intelligence Logic Programming or Cryptology. As cliché as it might sound, I have always looked for a way to help out using any skills that I might have or even not have. It is from my personal belief that helping out, in no matter what subject basically makes you get better at that or even things you didn't even realize you had the skill for. Already, being in Tower Guard, I have learned completely new skills like event planning and archive scanning with distorted images! I am really into Virtual Reality technology right now, as I truly believe it might be one of the main future tech focuses.

I am also into, well obviously math! I know this will "irk" a lot of people, but let me talk to you, and maybe I can convince you of the beauty of backwards engineering.

James Kinville

Run Chair


Major: Human Biology and Psychology

I am from Plymouth, MI, and I major in Human Biology and Psychology. I plan to go to medical school after graduating from Michigan State to participate in research focused on the long term recovery from traumatic brain injuries. Tower Guard is important to me because it is the perfect way to serve those who find themselves in situations similar to mine in high school following a series of concussions. A fact about me is that I love mountain biking.

Ben Kessler

Run Chair


Major: Physiology 


I am a sophomore from Swartz Creek, MI majoring in Physiology and minoring in Public Health and STEPPs (Science, Technology, Environment, and Public Policy). I love science, but at the same time, I am really interested in the multitude of inequities that people face in different communities and the social factors that drive them. After undergrad, I plan on going to graduate school in order to pursue some sort of a research-based career that intersects my passions. Tower Guard is such a unique organization because it is almost entirely peer based – we have the opportunity to help our classmates, regardless of their ability, be as successful as possible at Michigan State. I hope that this year will be a great learning experience and that we will help the RCPD give as many people as possible the college experience they deserve. In my free time, I love watching cheesy telenovelas, playing euchre with my friends, and shopping for vacations that I desperately cannot afford.


Emily Stecevic 

CSD Liaison


Major: Human Biology 

My name is Emily Stecevic and I am a sophomore majoring in Human Biology and minoring in Bioethics in the Lyman Briggs College. When I complete my undergraduate studies, I plan to attend medical school and become a surgeon in the Emergency Room, because I like the pace, the diversity of patients, and the diversity of cases that come in. My hometown is Farmington Hills, MI. I applied to Tower Guard because of my brother. He has autism and has always inspired me to help others after seeing how great of an impact small gestures I did helped him. Tower Guard means a lot to me, because I have worked with people with disabilities who are not granted equal opportunities for success, and I am so happy that MSU has a program like Tower Guard to ensure all students have the tools and support they need to succeed. An interesting fact about me is that I did gymnastics for 15 years, and in 2018 I received third place in the state on the floor exercise, and my team won first overall. Another interesting fact about me is that I am a Chemistry Lab LA in the Lyman Briggs College!

2019-2020 General Membership:

Alina Amori

CSD Liaison

Nina Biundo

CSD Liaison

Rosabella Bojin

CSD Liaison

Erin Boseman

CSD Liaison

Libby Carpenter 

CSD Liaison

Kira Chandler

Emma Bush

CSD Liaison

Jade Chynoweth

Sophia Cislo

Alea Confer

Claire Czernek

Kara Del Rosario

Jessica Drennan

Danielle Duggan

Brianna Espinoza

CSD Liaison

Lucy Foguth

CSD Liaison

Jason Gabler

CSD Liaison

Maddy Gillis

Mackenzie Greene

Goutam Gutta

Eliot Haddad

Erika Heinze

Sydney Hintz

Kayleigh Hudson

Neha Iska

Joshua Jackson-Henley

Kamryn Jenkins

Emily Jeverjian

CSD Liaison

Hannah Kahler

Gretel Keller

Jenna Kozlowski

Lauren Kramer

Alyssa LaFeir

Katherine Lauro

Kari Linders

Julia Lutz

CSD Liaison

Blake Maddalena

Sameera Mahimkar

CSD Liaison

Emily Makowski

CSD Liaison

Manogya Manchala

Annaliese Marks

CSD Liaison

Megan Marsh

CSD Liaison

Trevor Massey

CSD Liaison

Chloe McCarthy

CSD Liaison

Malena McKinney

CSD Liaison

Victoria Melchert

CSD Liaison

Peter Nolan

CSD Liaison

Sydney Puda

Prakhyat Rohatgi

CSD Liaison

Sneha Sarker

CSD Liaison

Stephanie Schaefer

CSD Liaison

Abby Seal

CSD Liaison

Aaron Shepp

Erika Shiino

Joseph Shuster

CSD Liaison

Mary Steusloff

CSD Liaison

Anvita Suneja

Hailey Swamy

CSD Liaison

Lauren Terrell

CSD Liaison

Caroline Theuerkauf

CSD Liaison

Gia Wahlberg

CSD Liaison

Ryan Wakley

CSD Liaison

Amanda Walker

CSD Liaison

Delaney Weedmark

CSD Liaison

Alexandre Wolf

CSD Liaison

Mackenzie Wrobel

CSD Liaison

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