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Manuel Vallejo

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Hometown: San Pedro Sula, Honduras

Hobbies: Listen to music, play soccer, hang out with friends

Fun Fact: Since coming to MSU, my mind operates now more in English than in Spanish.  


How did you hear about Tower Guard?

Received the invitation to apply.

What made you apply to Tower Guard? What does Tower Guard's purpose mean to you?

I applied to Tower Guard since I liked the community service aspect. Considering that in highschool I used to be involved in various community service activities, such as serving in Church or going to orphan homes, I liked the opportunity to keep serving others while in college. I feel that Tower Guard's purpose of serving others means a lot to me, I think it defines the base of life. As my dad taught the saying in Spanish "el que no vive para servir, no sirve para vivir", which roughly means, "the one who does not live to serve, is not useful to live". Therefore, I consider Tower Guard's mission of serving others an extremely important aspect of life.

What does your position on Executive Board do?

I document Tower Guard activities with photographs, create a scrapbook of Tower Guard events for the year, and create a video presentation for the May’s Morning Sing breakfast. I plan and coordinate Homecoming Beaumont Tower Tours and manage alumni outreach activities and the Alumni Connections Program.

What are you most excited about for this year? What do you hope to see the Tower Guard class of 2023-2024 achieve?

I hope to see a lot of changed lives as a result of this year's Tower Guard class!

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