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Emma Lechniak

Major: Human Biology in Lyman Briggs

Minor: Bioethics

Hometown: New Baltimore, MI

Hobbies: Photography, pilates, skiing, baking, listening to music

Fun Fact: I won 1st place in a Pinewood Derby and broke the speed record when I was 10. 


How did you hear about Tower Guard?

I first heard about Tower Guard when I was invited to apply!

What made you apply to Tower Guard? What does Tower Guard's purpose mean to you?

When I heard of how much Tower Guard makes a difference on campus, I knew I wanted to apply. I grew up with a brother with special needs at home; therefore, when I learned that Tower Guard aids in making campus more accessible for those with similar issues like my brother, I knew I wanted to be apart of that. Tower Guard's mission of inclusivity, accessibility, and service is an ideal I am very passionate about. I believe everyone deserves an equal opportunity to pursuing higher education without the prejudice of being "different" than others.

What does your position on Executive Board do?

As Secretary, I am responsible for monitoring the tower guard email, taking minutes at all meetings, planning the formal May's Morning Sing Induction, and leading the Spartan Study impact group! Spartan Study is a peer-to-peer tutoring initiative that pairs Tower Guards with RCPD students.

What are you most excited about for this year? What do you hope to see the Tower Guard class of 2023-2024 achieve?

I am the most excited about continuing Spartan Study to aid those in achieving their academic goals on MSU campus! I hope that Tower Guard makes more of a presence on campus and many students do not know of this organization. With more recognition, we will be able to help more people.

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