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Gianna Fiore

Major: Biosystems Engineering

Hometown: Marlborough, MA

Hobbies: On my free time, I like to paint, read and hike.

Fun Fact: I have hiked on top of two glaciers, one is Alaska and one in Iceland.  


How did you hear about Tower Guard?

I first heard about Tower Guard when I did a tower tour in early Spring.

What made you apply to Tower Guard? What does Tower Guard's purpose mean to you?

I applied to Tower Guard because of the community it generates. Everyone involved seemed so happy doing the work they were doing, and I knew that I wanted to be a part of that. As a whole, Tower Guard works to make the MSU community more inclusive and accessible.

What does your position on Executive Board do?

As Sergeant-at-Arms, I am responsible for keeping all members informed of meetings and keeping track of attendance at the meetings. I also keep track of the volunteer hours, making sure everyone achieves their goal of 120 volunteer hours.

What are you most excited about for this year? What do you hope to see the Tower Guard class of 2023-2024 achieve?

This year I am most excited to work with a bunch of amazing people in order to better the MSU community. I hope to get to know everyone as we all work towards a common goal!

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