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Vice President

Nolan Lucera

Major: Neuroscience

Minor: Philosophy

Hometown: Carlsbad, CA

Hobbies: Reading, playing guitar, going to the gym, listening to music

Fun Fact: I had never been to the midwest before coming to Michigan State.  


How did you hear about Tower Guard?

I went to a meeting to connect with alumni, and I asked one of them what was their favorite organization that they got involved with during undergrad, and the common answer was Tower Guard.

What made you apply to Tower Guard? What does Tower Guard's purpose mean to you?

I applied to Tower Guard because of the way the alumni I spoke to spoke about Tower Guard and its mission. Additionally, when I learned more about the program, I learned of the importance of its work in MSU's community. Tower Guard's purpose to me means creating a more diverse and inclusive experience for all at MSU.

What does your position on Executive Board do?

My position is responsible for coordinating May's Morning Sing, the induction event for next year's Tower Guard class, and being the student-faculty liaison next year. Additionally, I have the responsibility of stepping up for the presidency role in the event of the president being ill for a meeting. It involves a lot of coordination, but it's super fun!

What are you most excited about for this year? What do you hope to see the Tower Guard class of 2023-2024 achieve?

I am so excited to see this class develop over the year and to hopefully grow alongside and get to know the rest of the group. I hope to see that this Tower Guard class successfully reintroduces a feeling of community to itself among members, in addition to of course everyone successfully fulfilling their roles and hours!

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